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Storage tanks!!!!

March 18th, 2011 No comments

Storage tanks!

They are  every where you look!  while you are traveling on the road you pass oil tankers, cement mixers and even storage tanks on the back of articulated lorries. At the side of the road passing a bakery they have big vessels outside for storing their flour . And as we carry on with our journey there are work factories that have containers and all sorts of other storage  tanks and vessels and if we just happen to pass one of our yards you will be amazed at what  you will see you just cant get away from them, and hear at Petre Process we cater for such a large range of  industires, our stock levels are vast.

Bio-diesel Storage Tanks !!!!

March 3rd, 2011 No comments

Rising fuel cost.

With today’s fuel prices outgrowing inflation the cost of filling up our tanks is a major talking point and alternative fuels are constantly being discussed. One such fuel is bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is an alternative fuel that can be produced from straight vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste cooking oil.  A process called transesterification is used to convert these oils to Bio-diesel. Possible source of suitable oil comes from crops such as rapeseed, palm or soybean, rapeseed represents the greatest potential for bio-diesel production in the UK. Most bio-diesel produced at present is produced from waste  oils sourced from restaurants, chip shops  Waste vegetable oil can often be sourced for free or sourced already treated for a small price. (The waste oil must be treated before conversion to bio-diesel to remove impurities). The result is Bio-diesel a fuel that can compete with fossil diesel.  The main benefit of bio-diesel is that it can be described as ‘carbon neutral’. This means that the fuel produces no carbon in the form of carbon isdioxide. Bio-diesel is rapidly biodegradable and completely non-toxic, this mean spillages represent far less risk than fossil fuel spillages.  Petre Process Plant Ltd can supply new, used and reconditioned  bio-diesel storage tanks.

Dental and Toothpaste Storage Tanks in Stainless Steel

July 9th, 2009 No comments

We have just taken into stock several ex Colgate Toothpaste Storage Tanks in 316 stainless steel and a mixing tank, that are in excellent condition, your customer will surely find one suitable in these:



3490REF 3490

3 off  – Used 2700 gallon (12280L) 316 Stainless steel twin compartment rectangular storage tanks measuring approx 11′-6″ x 4′-11″ x 7′-8″ tall with pyramid shaped bottoms and flat tops, free standing on 2 off stainless steel supports across the width, giving a clearance under outlets. Fabricated from 5mm thick plate. Fully ground and polished internally and externally. Of hygienic contruction and suitable for food. Previously used for Dental creams/toothpaste





3532-1REF 3532

1 off- Used 440 gal (2000 L) 316L stainless steel jacketed enclosed hemispherical bottom mixing vessel measuring 4′-11 7/8″ (1520mm) dia x 2′-3″ (685mm) straight shell height, internal height 4′-9″ (1448mm), with a hemispherical bottom and a flat top with a 1/3 hinged cover, free standing on a stainless steel framework giving a clearance of 10″ under outlet.

Agitation is by a high shear rotor/stator Silverson type mixer driven by an 11kW 970RPM D160 frame size electric motor. General purpose shear head is approximetely 9 1/2″ I/D and shaft has

2 off -10″  diameter 3 bladed marine propellers and 1 off- 10″ diameter 4 bladed pitched axial flow impeller, all driving downwards.

Vessel is supported on 3 off load cells. A stainless steel operating platform is accessed by steps.


REF 3533


1 off- Used 385 gallon (1750L) stainless steel Silverson Mixing Vessel (jacketed in Mild steel)  but  the vessel is lagged and clad in stainless steel.l, measuring approx. 4′-9″ dia x 4′-7″ internal depth. Driven by a Brook Hansen Flange mounted motor 11kW, 975rpm drive. Frame size DA160L.

The vessel is c/w lids,and one part is ia a hinged  section.